St. Camillus-St. Virgilius Roman Catholic Church

Checklist for Marriage






1) Pre Cana   PLEASE Register at IMMEDIATELY


2) Please obtain a NEW Baptismal Certificate with all notations for Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage for BOTH THE GROOM and BRIDE from the parish where you were BAPTIZED.


3) Please obtain a Letter of Freedom to Marriage (Banns of Marriage) from your Home parish if you do not live within the parish of St. Camillus – St. Virgilius


4) Testimonial Letters for Both Bride & Groom (Two witnesses each)   These are usually completed at the Rehearsal


5) Pre-Nuptial Investigation Form – completed during intake meeting


6) Marriage License obtained within NYS – must be presented at rehearsal. Do not get married civilly.


7) Church Fee: $300 – Please pay at the rehearsal.   Music: $125.oo if supplied by the Church. (A check for $425.00 can be paid to RCC St. Camillus – St. Virgilius for Both) You are free to obtain your own organist and singer – in which case, the Bride and Groom will pay directly.


8) Additional paperwork may be required when the Pre-Nuptial Form is completed.


ALL forms / paperwork and fees must be submitted by the rehearsal.


Please call 718-634-8229 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you encounter any difficulties or have questions.



Couples are asked to please call the Rectory to arrange an appointment at least SIX (6) months before
the desired date. Couples are encouraged to come to the Church before other arrangements are set.

Pre-Cana Information