St. Camillus-St. Virgilius Roman Catholic Church



Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 10:30 am in St. Camillus Church
Parents may select either date. The children will meet in Church.
Families are welcome. Please, dress accordingly (Sunday Dress).


Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 12 Noon Mass at St. Camillus
Parents may select either date. Each family will be assigned two families to a Bench (marked with the Child’s Banner). Children will sit together. Open Seating in the rest of the Church. First Holy Communion Children (ONLY) will assemble one half hour before Mass.

CHILDREN’S PRACTICES: There will be NO special practices for First Holy Communion or First Reconciliation. Students in St. Camillus School will practice during regular School hours. Children in our
Religious Education Program will practice during regular CCD times (Wednesdays from 3:30 pm to 5 pm) There are no combined practices. There are no “retreat days”.

CHURCH OF CELEBRATION: The Diocesan norm states that children should receive sacraments in the Church where they regularly attend Mass on Sundays. Since we have TWO Churches, (St. Virgilius and St. Camillus) families may select either Church to celebrate First Holy Communion and/or First Reconciliation. Families who regularly attend another parish must obtain “permission from the home parish”.

This form must be returned to FATHER RICHARD by September 15, 2017. Children from St. Camillus School who receive First Holy Communion in their “home parish” are asked to please give a copy of the Child’s Communion Certificate to the School Office for school records.

BAPTISM CERTIFICATE: A copy of the Child’s Baptism Certificate must be on file with St. Camillus Academy or our Religious Education Program by Nov 1, 2017.

CHIARELLI'S RELIGIOUS GOODS STORE: Communion items may be purchased at Chiarelli's Religious Goods Store at 1014 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040   516-233-2994.

COMMUNION DRESS: BOYS: Whatever you decide is fine with me with the following directions:
Regular Church Dress is appropriate. Boys may wear White, Blue or whatever color you decide. Boys may wear a suit, sports’ jacket or sweater. PLEASE no printed shirts, pullovers, etc. Dress Shirt (any
Color) and Tie (Any Color and style) are required. Arm Bow is optional. Shoes (No sneakers, sandals or boots) and socks are required. Please NOTHING in the hands – no prayer books, rosaries, medals, etc.

COMMUNION DRESS: GIRLS: Whatever you decide is fine with me with the following directions:
Dress (White or any color) must be knee length and longer – suggest NO gowns please. Veils are optional – You might want to place flowers in your daughter’s hair. Shoes (No heels) and Socks, please. No sneakers or boots. No Make-Up PLEASE! If your daughter has a sweater or shawl, it must be able to stay on her for the entire Mass. Please NOTHING in the hands – no flowers, handbags, rosaries, candles, medals, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: First Holy Communion Children will be invited to wear their Communion outfits to Sunday Masses after they receive Holy Communion. They will be invited to wear them to the May Crowning. Children who receive First Holy Communion in their “home parish” are invited to wear their Communion Outfits, when they attend SUNDAY Mass either at St. Camillus or St. Virgilius.

PHOTOGRAPHS: People will not be permitted to roam around the Church during Mass. Flash Photography from your seat will be permitted. A special section will be designated for Video cameras
without lights. NO professional photographers are permitted. You will be permitted to take pictures in Church after Mass.

FAMILY INTERVIEWS: Sr. Maureen will be calling/emailing to arrange a meeting with each family. Every family who has a child preparing for First Holy Communion will be asked to have an interview with Sister Maureen Ahlemeyer, Father Thomas Basquel or Father Richard Ahlemeyer.

The PARISH PREPARATION PROGRAM for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion will have TWO (2) parts. Attendance at BOTH parts is required.

Part 1:  THREE (3) parent/guardian meetings – These meetings will be in the evening and are intended for ADULTS. Students are not required to attend. Each of these meetings will be offered twice – you attend whichever session is convenient.

    Meeting One (Introduction):         Tuesday, June 20, 2016 at 7 pm in St. Camillus Church

    Meeting Two (Mass & Eucharist): Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 7 pm in St. Virgilius Church or

                                                     Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 7 pm in St. Camillus Church

    Meeting Three (Reconciliation):    Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 7 pm in St. Virgilius Church or

                                                     Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7 pm in St. Camillus Church


Part 2: Sunday Celebrations:  During the year, there will be FOUR (4) Sundays when our Communion Candidates will be presented to the parish community. Students are asked to attend with at least ONE parent or other adult. These celebrations will be held at the 4 pm Mass on Saturday evening at St. Virgilius on the following dates: October 21, 2017; February 01, 2018; March 10, 2018 and April 14, 2018. These celebrations will also be held at the 11:30 am Mass on Sunday morning at St. Camillus Church on the following dates: October 22, 2017; February 11, 2018; March 11, 2018 and April 15, 2017. (Please Note: Meetings will follow Mass and on two Saturdays (October 21, 2017 & February 10, 2018) and on two Sundays (October 22, 2017 & and February 11, 2018) a twenty-minute video will also be shown to both children and adults after Mass.

COMMUNION BANNER: Kits will be distributed at the March Parents’ Meeting. Banners must be brought to the April Parents’ Meeting and will be part of the Entrance Procession at Mass.

FOOD FOR OUR PANTRY: Each child will be asked to bring ONE can of food on the day of First Holy Communion, which will be included in the Offertory Procession of Mass.

COMMUNION DONATION: $25.00 per FAMILY. Envelopes will be distributed at the Parents’ Meeting and can be returned in the Sunday Collection at either St. Camillus or St. Virgilius Church before November 16, 2017.

CLASS ATTENDANCE: CCD CHILDREN: It is mandatory that your child continue to attend class. There are NO excused absences. After Three (3) absences, FATHER RICHARD may decide to delay the First Holy Communion until NEXT YEAR.

SUNDAY MASS ATTENDANCE: ALL students who are preparing to receive First Holy Communion at St. Camillus are expected to regularly attend Mass on Sundays. Students from St. Camillus – St. Virgilius parish should attend Mass at St. Camillus Church, Rockaway Park or St. Virgilius Church, Broad Channel. Students who live within other Catholic parishes should attend Sunday Mass at their own parish church. It is understood that families may occasionally attend Sunday Mass at another Catholic Church (for example: travel, Weddings, Special Celebration). Such occasions will not be regular; and, therefore do not cause any difficulties. It is the Diocesan policy that children receive Sacraments at the Church where they regularly attend Sunday Mass.

RECORD OF ATTENDANCE: Fr. Richard will keep a record of Mass Attendance. Students who are not regularly attending Sunday Mass will not be allowed to receive First Holy Communion. It is the responsibility of the parents of the First Holy Communion children to arrange for their child to attend Sunday Mass. Parents who can not arrange to bring their child to Sunday Mass will be told to delay First Holy Communion until the child is old enough to come to Mass alone. The final decision to delay First Holy Communion will be made by the PASTOR (Father Richard Ahlemeyer) who will inform the parents one month before the date of First Holy Communion.