St. Camillus-St. Virgilius Roman Catholic Church

Religious Education Program

The primary purpose of our Religious Education Program is faith formation. Faith formation is an ongoing development of the whole person into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, Discipleship. To use the image of St. Paul “we put on Christ” so that Christ is the center of our lives. All Catholics are on the journey of faith formation. We begin this life-long journey in the waters of Baptism. The end of this journey is eternal life with Jesus in heaven. Our CCD Program is a School of Discipleship.
Our Religious Education Program strives to provide a solid foundation in our faith, age-appropriate to the students in our program. Students are encouraged to begin formal religion classes in the FIRST GRADE of Public or Private (non-Catholic) Schools.

Students who attend St. Camillus Catholic Academy study Religion five days a week as part of the school curriculum. Since Religion is part of every School Day, students in Catholic School do not need to attend CCD. Students who do not attend a Catholic School/Academy are enrolled in our Religious Education Program (CCD) which meets once a week for 90 minutes a session – as outlined in this calendar. This year we have scheduled 32 weeks. The outline of our courses as offered this year:

  • Level / Grade 1: Prayers & God
  • Level / Grade 2: Mass & Eucharist
  • Level / Grade 3: Church
  • Level / Grade 4: 10 Commandments & Beatitudes
  • Level / Grade 5: Sacraments
  • Level / Grade 6: Bible
  • Level / Grade 7: Christian Witness
  • Level / Grade 8: Confirmation & Life in Christ

Faith formation does not end with Confirmation. All Catholics are invited to grow in our faith. For this purpose, the parish offers Days of Recollection, Missions, Scripture Sharing, Prayer Groups. Please consult the Bulletin for more information.
The second purpose of our Religious Education Program is sacramental preparation.
Although, students who are enrolled in St. Camillus Catholic Academy do not need to attend CCD, they will be prepared to receive sacraments within the Parish Proximate Preparation Program. The celebration of the sacraments will take place within a parish celebration. It is the desire of the Diocese that children receive the Sacraments in their Home Parish. Students in St. Camillius Catholic Academy will be asked to notify the school of their Home Parish in September. For children who attend Public Schools:

BAPTISM: Children 7 years of age and younger are considered infants. Please consult the information on Infant Baptism. Children who are eight years of age and older must attend CCD for one year
before we will consider Baptism.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Students must attend CCD classes for TWO YEARS in order to receive FIRST HOLY COMMUNION. Older children will be placed in an age-appropriate class; but still must attend TWO YEARS before First Holy Communion.

FIRST RECONCILIATION (Confession): Students are instructed in the Sacrament of Penance before First Holy Communion; and are given the opportunity to go to First Confession several months BEFORE FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.

CONFIRMATION: According to Diocesan norms, students must be in the EIGHTH GRADE or older to be considered for the sacrament of Confirmation. The students must also possess knowledge of the faith. Therefore, the following levels (grades or courses) must be completed BEFORE a student will be permitted to prepare for Confirmation:

  • Commandments
  • Sacraments
  • Bible
  • Christian Witness

ADULTS (18 years of age & older) who have not received sacraments are invited to speak with Father Richard about sacramental preparation for Adults.

SCSV CCD PARENT MEETING - Thursday, October 10, 2019, 3:30 pm @ SV Church or 7:30 pm @ SC Church. (Parent or Guardian from each NEW family and Level 1 is asked to attend - you need only attend one session)

REGISTRATION: Registration begins in May for the following September. Registration is never closed. However, students who register late are marked “absent” for those classes which they missed. A student must complete 45 hours of class time to receive credit for the year. Students who fail to achieve 45 hours will need to make up their hours missed the following year. For this reason, parents are encouraged to register their child early. St. Camillus-St. Virgilius Religious Education Program can only accept students from the parish of St. Camillus-St. Virgilius. Exceptions to this rule can be made by the Religious Education Minister.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Parents are asked to please speak with Sr. Maureen concerning any special needs – medical, educational, social – which your child might have.

TRANSFERS: Students who have attended a Catholic School or another Religious Education Program can receive “credit” for the courses completed. In order to be placed in the proper class (level), we must receive a transcript from the school or CCD program with the courses completed and attendance. Students who have taken a long-time between classes may also be required to make-up for missed studies.

FEES: There are NO registration Fees or Book Fees for our Religious Education Program. Students will be given a textbook at the beginning of the year. If they lose their textbook, they must buy another book. The cost for textbooks is $20.00. Students must have their textbook for class each week.

PROGRESS REPORTS are distributed twice a year – in January and May. These reports help parents to gauge the performance of their child. Parents who wish to speak with their child’s teacher are asked to please make arrangements in advance.

NON-VIOLENCE POLICY: Students must show respect for others at all times. Our program is a “NO BULLY” “NO CYBER BULLING” “NO VIOLENCE” zone. If a student brings to class any object that could be used in an inappropriate manner, that student shall face a suspension or be expelled.

CHILD LURES is mandated for all children every year in Religious Education Programs and Catholic Schools in response to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth (2005). The Safe Environment Office provides the necessary information for presenting the program and the timeline in which it needs to be completed. The Child Lures Prevention program delivers age appropriate and effective instruction to the children and parents of the diocese in the awareness and avoidance of situations that pose harm to children and young people. Child Lures will be given in the Fall session during regular instruction time. Parents are most welcome to attend.

HOMEWORK: Homework includes both study and written work, and is meant to reinforce the lesson being taught in class. Our teachers are volunteers and parents (or grandparents) themselves. They realize that the students have schoolwork and will not try to add to the burden. Homework is each week and is appropriate to the grade level of the student. It is to be signed by the parent. Students should have a pre-arrangement with a classmate to have him/her bring home the assignments when they are absent from class. All weekly assignments and special notices can be viewed on our website - click on Faith Formation and then on CCD Notices & Homework. In the case of an extended illness (3 weeks or more in a row), assignments may be requested by the parents through the Religious Education Office at 718-634-8229. If your child is experiencing any problems with Homework, please speak with Sr. Maureen Ahlemeyer at 718-634-8229.

TEXTBOOKS and PERSONAL ITEMS: Textbooks must be covered and marked with the student’s name. All items (e.g. notebook, assignment pad, pencil holder) should be marked with the student’s name and class. Valuables should not be brought to school. We cannot take responsibility for their loss or damage. No cell phones, Ipods or headsets, tablets or electronics of any nature are permitted in school.
Students who have cell phones must turn the cell phone OFF during class time. Students are NOT permitted to use a cell phone during class time. Unauthorized use of such devices disrupts the instructional program and distracts from the learning environment. Therefore unauthorized use is grounds for confiscation of the device by school officials, including classroom teachers. Devices must then be picked up by a parent. No games or toys (action figures, trading cards) are permitted. No pets, please! No gum, food or beverages are permitted in any of the buildings.